This website has all the information your looking for about the companies that are run under LochStudios.
If for any reason you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to give us a call!

What are our websites?

Contact Us

You can contact us with the following details:

Mail Contact: PO Box 219, South Grafton, New South Wales, 2460, Australia.
On Location: Shop 5 - 70 Prince Street, Grafton, New South Wales, 2460, Australia.
Switch Board: (02) 5632-3092
Switch Board (INT): +1 (315) 879-6488
Conference Bridge: (02) 5626-8063
FAX: (02) 5632-3095
FAX (INT): +1 (315) 909-6136
TXT MSG: 0492-811-367
WhatsApp: +61 492-811-367
Remote Support: 1300 989 567

LSPCR - Computer Work Shop Contact Information:
Address: Shop 5 - 70 Prince Street, Grafton, New South Wales, 2460, Australia.
Phone: (02) 5632-3092 < Option 1 or Extension 7000
Direct Line: (02) 5611-2099
Office: office@lscomputerrepair.com
Support: support@lscomputerrepair.com
Billing&Sales: billing@lscomputerrepair.com

If you need to contact any of our teams directly, you can contact them via the information below.

SALES: (02) 6697-5683
Email: sales@lochstudios.com

SUPPORT: (02) 6697-5684
Email: support@lochstudios.com

MEDIA: (02) 5654-6400
Email: media@lochstudios.com

CUSTOMER CARE: customercare@lochstudios.com


What have people asked so much, we've put the answers here:

Q: I got a phone call from you, how do I know it's you calling?
A: We call from one of three numbers: (02) 5632-3092, +1 (315) 879-6488, 0492-811-367 or 0480-001-064
If you called one of these numbers back, the first thing you'll hear is our name, LochStudios.
"Thanks for calling LochStudios..." That's how you know it's us.

Q: You have so many numbers, you don't have a number for what I need, how can I talk to someone?
A: If you call this direct line: (02) 5654-6402 you'll be able to talk with someone, they'll take your information and send it over to the correct place for you and someone will be in touch with you within 1 business day.